Christmas eve eve eve

{I couldn’t think of a title!}

Not much going on, other than the fact that I can’t believe that it is almost Christmas, and I only have one gift purchased. Not that I have a lot of people to buy for, but normally I am done and wrapped by now.

I’m going out tomorrow with my sister to get gifts for my nieces and my dad and that is it. Then the remainder of money has to go for new clothes, Starbucks, I mean Scotland. I did treat myself to a $3 dress this week however, and I have $3 more “bucks” to use in the store so I am sure I will be able to find myself something on clearance. I really wanted to get a new pair of jeans but none of the jeans that are left are in my size. Oh well.

Other than Christmas I am looking forward to taking part in the Home for the Holidays virtual 10K. I will probably run it on Christmas, since I am working Friday, Saturday, and Monday, now knowing that my feet do not care to go for a run after a work shift, like today.

I’m glad that tomorrow is the last 6:45 am shift. My body is confused. It has breakfast at 6am, “lunch” at 10-10:30, and then when I get home I am hungry again so it’s second lunch around 2-3. Today I was starving after my run, which was caught short due to the fact I was colder than expected and that my capri leggings kept sliding down, and my sweat wicking tshirt kept sliding up! I couldn’t win. Also, I think I need to get a new battery for my Polar HRM. I cleaned the sensor band thingy yesterday and it seemed a little better, although it was on the low end of the heart rate for me- unless I am just actually in better cardiovascular shape than I thought!

To think about: A new minimalist gym is opening up in Glasgow where for 10-15 GBP {depending when you sign up}. There are no frills like a pool, sauna or hot tub. I used to work out at Healthworks, which is the vast OPPOSITE of a minimalist gym. Is paying less worth it for just the equipment? Or are classes and a soak in the hot tub something you are unwilling to give up? I’d love to hear your opinions. I will definitely need to have gym access when I get to Glasgow, with all the rain, and I wasn’t thrilled with the gym at the Uni, and they raised the cost of a membership. Let me know what you think in the comments!


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  1. Your Sister
    23/12/2011 / 00:05

    Now you know what it’s like to get up at a “normal” hour…

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