Boxing day 10K!

Yesterday I ran a 10K as part of the home for the holidays virtual 10K. I wanted to do it on Christmas but it just wasn’t in the cards.

I had to work yesterday and I had a later start than I intended, so I knew I needed to move quickly. I headed to the windy track and got started. I had some technical malfunctions so that I had to reset my timer twice. This annoyed me b/c then I had to do some math to make sure I had the actual 10K mileage.

It was cold in the suburbs of Boston, so I wanted to keep moving as much as I could. So I pretty much alternated run for one song, walk for the next and on and on. Depending on the length of the song I would sometimes run for 2 or more. As I got warmer and comfortable, I felt like I could go on for even longer than the 10K, which is encouraging considering 2 months ago, running for 30 seconds was torture. I also wanted to go as quickly as possible because I needed to get back home and get ready for work. I can’t believe I ran a 10K before working a 5 hour shift on my feet the day after Christmas. Who am I? I am pleased I did it in under 2 hours and felt amazing the entire time. I hope to run an actual 10K when I get back to Scotland. πŸ™‚

I look like a total dork in this photo, but there wasn’t anyone around to take a picture, and I don’t have a full length mirror.

I feel fine today my feet and legs do not hurt at all. This is the first day in ages that my feet aren’t hurting. Wow. Apparently I needed to run 6 miles and then work all afternoon in my nice boots to make my feet not hurt. Totally random.

I really wanted to run today, but I am watching my nieces and there was no way I was getting up at like 6am to run. I won’t be running until Friday when I have a day off.

I could use a nap right now actually. πŸ™‚

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