Do you ever feel the way I do?

I was actually almost in a good mood yesterday. I posted what I thought was a fascinating post {ok not fascinating per say, but funny ha ha} but clearly the joke is on me. And then I went to the store and found that no jackets fit me at all. Nope. None. Zilch. Zero. Way to reduce my already fragile self-esteem to naught. I’m so glad I spent that what 5-6 weeks running and trying hard- just proving the fact that I’m utterly useless at changing how I look.

And now this.

2 page views, which were probably me checking to make sure the pictures had aligned right.

Way to make a girl feel special.

I know it comes across as whiny and pedantic to bitch and complain about readership or lack thereof. But seriously? What is the point of this? What is the point of me? Why do I continue to keep this site, if it is just for me to espouse what I think is interesting or important, especially if I feel like I am just talking to myself?

I know I don’t really have a blog genre; I blog about many different things. Perhaps I just thought I was more interesting than I really am. Perhaps the site stats are bust and really, lots and lots of people are reading these words and the comments are just lost in the void. But I think not.

It’s something to think about. Whether I want to stay and continue to elucidate about all things Cindy, or if I just want to consider throwing in the towel, that resurrecting neophytegirl was a failed experiment. Or maybe I just think I am far more funny and interesting than I really am and that no one wants to read about my fandom likes or why I’m sad or why I can’t get over xyz.

I just don’t know.

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