Hello there!

As you can see, this is currently the only post.  I am in the process of updating everything since I moved to new hosting.  The backup is at home, and I am at uni, so this post will have to suffice.

Yesterday I was supposed to get my haircut.  I was the first appointment and it ended up being cancelled (after I walked there and everything) but I am rescheduled for tomorrow.

So instead we walked around a bit and I took a few photos.


We also found a park that had cross training exercise equipment.  It will be fun to run there and then do circuits in the summer!

In the meantime I really, really need to get on a schedule.  I got up to buy Hugh Laurie tickets this morning and then went back to sleep.  Until 1.  Yeah.  It’s a wonder that I have got anything accomplished lately (other than cleaning I haven’t.)

So hopefully I will be back later, with all my posts in tact!



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