Controversial post: Workout obsessions

Disclaimer:  These are my thoughts and opinions and observations.  If you respectfully disagree, that is fine, but please keep the comments civil.  I am just curious if anyone else has noticed these patterns, or if I am in the minority.  I also know I have no business judging anyone on their behaviour.  


Now this may sound ridiculously hypocritical and it is way beyond me to say what is right for someone other than myself (and given I’ve been a lazy sloth for the past month and a half, I really have no right, but…)  I am going to write about it anyways.


I am not usually a fan of reality tv.  It really isn’t my cup of tea.  But I did watch the biggest loser for a few seasons, and I really liked season 10 and 11.  I haven’t watched any of this season b.c when I was home it was on the same time as NCIS and well Mark Harmon > The Biggest Loser.  πŸ™‚  Enough said.


Anyways I do follow some of the previous contestants on twitter.  They look fab.  I wish I could look so good.  But one thing I have noticed is their exercise habits seem rather extreme some days.   Not every day, as I am sure I miss tweets and nor does everyone post about eveyrthing they are doing.  But some days it is extreme, like 4-5 hours of working out.  What I like about the BL is that it does teach healthy habits and exercise.  Now granted they work out all day there on the show, and I would assume, as they get fitter and more toned and after the show is over, they wouldn’t need to have such extreme habits to keep the weight off, am I right?  (granted it is what *I* should have done after losing 85 lbs and then stopped, but well I was stupid and in a bad relationship, blah blah blah)


How can you go back to your real life, and still work out that much?  How do you have time to work, deal with family, errands, etc, sleep, and still manage to work out 4-5 hours a day?  That is not feasible for most people I know.  No, everyone I know.  Granted, I am not working and don’t really have a scheudle.  I feasibly could work out that much, if I were trained and toned and in shape.  But would I want to?  Would I want to spend that much time to keep working out after I have achieved the body I want?  Wouldn’t I want to MAINTAIN it healthily with daily workouts of 30-60 minutes?


Unless I am training for a marathon I don’t think I would have the patience, tenacity or desire to.  I would want to go back to my life feeling better about myself, and not have to spend as much time in the gym.

Am I wrong here, or have perhaps some of them gone from a “food addiction” to a workout addiction?


I am not a personal trainer, and I am not in shape and in order to get to the correct weight for my height to have a normal BMI I would need to lose nearly 100 pounds, so I am really not one to be harping on what someone who has done that is currently doing.  I just think it is something to think about.  I wouldn’t want to lose weight again, and have to go through still having to work out to excess after I have done it all.  Am I making sense?


I know when I lost 85 lbs, I didn’t do it in the healthiest of manners.  I ate little and worked out a lot.

It looked like this food wise:  ( I was a vegetarian at the time)

Breakfast: egg white omelette w/ veggies and sometimes some cheese, coffee

lunch: big salad

snack: coffee

dinner: pasta with sauce and faux mince

I was hungry ALL THE TIME.  I never felt satisfied.  I never let myself have a treat and if I did splurge on half a cookie, well I had to work out MORE.


Then I would go to the gym and hit the elliptical/weights or take a Tae Bo class and a weight class and then workout on the treadmill (about 1.5-2 hrs per day)


So yeah I lost weight, but I wasn’t happy.  I ended up in a relationship that was harmful.  I thought once I had hit 140, I was golden. I began eating more at my boyfriend’s house; his mom was a great cook, and ended up back at 160 in about 3 days.  I still worked out, but not to the same level.  I was back up to nearly 200 within a year or so gaining and losing the same 10-15 pounds year after year.


>So…..would I have been better off maintaining and working out like a fiend?  Or being a little bit happier to eat good food and not care?


It’s one of those things that I just can’t get my head around- the balance of it all.  (That and just being lazy.)

Thoughts and opinions?  


  1. Cyn
    17/02/2012 / 14:25

    You bring up a lot of good points. Went to the doctor the other day and noted that I gained 8 pounds since late last year. Now, I could stand to drop A LOT of weight and have been this way a while but those 8 pounds really freaked me out coming so quickly so I decided I needed to lose the initial weight I wanted quickly and then settle in to a “real” diet. I’ve been a little shaky and unsatisfied and I KNOW it isn’t good for me so I think I need to get the idea of losing ANY of it quickly out of my mind if I want to stick to it but it’s difficult. As far as the exercise, I get frustrated watching people on television telling us if they can do it we can do it when they have so many different things at their disposal that the average person doesn’t. If these folks are exercising over 4 hours a day, are they working? Do they see their family or friends? There’s a part of me that would love to be that determined and focussed but all I can seem to muster these days is an hour in the morning and, if I’m lucky, an hour at night.

    • admin
      17/02/2012 / 14:40

      I just don’t get it. I get tired reading their tweets about a 5 mile run and then 2 back to back spinning classes and then crossfit. If I worked out that much I would have to eat way more than I do now to not pass out! The winners might get 250K but that isn’t going to last long. Even if you have an endorsement and do publicity, you still have to pay the bills. Granted, if you are in school, you have a more flexible schedule. There is no excuse for the fact that I haven’t “worked out” since I got here other than the fact that I am lazy and would rather sleep in in the morning than have to get all my crap together, go to the library/office and then the gym. I’d rather do things at a different speed, even though I know I need to change it b/c I am never going to get any work done at this rate.

      It just makes me wonder. If I lose all this weight, do I still need to workout like a loon? Because in a few years if I have an actual *real* job, that may not be possible.

      Well, isn’t the world ending in a few months? I suppose I won’t have to worry about the size of my hips in that case. πŸ™‚

  2. Cyn
    17/02/2012 / 15:36

    I like the idea that if the world ends in December we should all just be eating twinkies and sitting on our butts and watching Doctor Who reruns. πŸ™‚

  3. Amy
    17/02/2012 / 16:19

    My good friend lost 100+ pounds on weight watchers and she o ly worked out 45 min a day/ 5 days a week and age maintains that loss the same way. I don’t think you have to be extreme, I think that extreme behavior comes from a fear of gaining it all back since they lost it by being extreme. Which is why I don’t really believe in weight loss game shows

  4. Anonymous
    17/02/2012 / 21:53

    Exercise is the only not way to lose weight. it starts in the kitchen. It is all about what you are putting into your body. half the stuff out there is not helping your body get what it needs. That is why i am been working with my nutritionist for almost a year. I only lost 10 pounds and would like to lose 10 more. I cut out a lot of the sugar and carbs in my daily diet and it greatley lowered my cholsteral as well. But still need to work on this. I am trying to eat more organic , grass feed meats and organic fruits and veggies. I only drink water all day, no soft drinks or juice. Little by little I lose interest in unhealthy foods. I feel great about that and always feel great after a workout. If I had more time i would go to the gym more, but work and kids make that hard. Think about your daily lifetsyle and what small changes you can make each day -week, to month. If you have your mind set on it then it will happen. Always set small goals.

    • Annette
      17/02/2012 / 21:53

      sorry I wrote the above comment/

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