Too quiet

It’s too quiet here. Steph has gone back to the US for 2 weeks (long story, don’t ask) and it is very, very quiet here. As much as we’ve already been getting on each other’s nerves (stress- again, don’t ask) I miss her. It’s too quiet here.

She had to leave early, and I wasn’t able to fall asleep early, and then when she left I was awake for a few hours and then finally fell back to sleep and woke up at noon. Which wasn’t on my plan of attack for the day. I wanted to be in the office by 11ish. Yeah. Didn’t happen.

I ended up going to the library since I had to return something and then after spending a few hours there, I went to the gym. I’m running a 10K in May and since the weather here isn’t quite conducive to running outside right now, the Uni gym is the best bet. It isn’t great; It’s so crowded and I am by far the largest person there and all the super skinny undergrads were looking at me like I was a bit odd.

Once that was said and done, I had to walk home, which made me unhappy since it was raining and too windy to put up my umbrella. I’ve had dinner, done a load of laundry, and am now watching Sherlock (again).

I just hope I get an actual decent night’s sleep and can actually get some work accomplished tomorrow.


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