What a day

I am sure all of you had normal mornings. I am sure none of you had to jump out a WINDOW to get out of your living accommodation. I did. See, my key doesn’t work well and I have a hard time unlocking it from the inside. I tried and kicked at it and swore for a good 20 minutes before I gave up, climbed up on to the window sill, and jumped. I then went in the front of the building and unlocked the door easily from the outside. Seriously, this is my life.

When I got to the office, I found it open and some random guy at my computer. He didn’t know it was my desk- granted I haven’t really personalized it….

I then proceeded to leave my umbrella at the coffee shop (I later retrieved it). And then I managed to snap off the wrappy bit of the umbrella and now it is closed by a hair elastic.

My gym workout was less than stellar. I didn’t even want to BE there, but I did 10 on the spin bike (I need a spin cushion seat!) and 10 on the elliptical, and then a bit of weights, and then I walked home via Tesco- all in all the workout was 1.5 hours and burned 560 calories. I counted the walk home as part of it, it being partially uphill and me carrying a ton of crap in my backpack.

Now, today being pancake Tuesday I decided to make pancakes. I should have realized that given the fact I can’t cook at all (other than pasta and simple things) that even a pre-made pancake mix would be a disaster. Which it was. The first one had powder in it, and the second was burned and runny. Steph, come back! I then tried to make tea (with tea leaves) and managed to mess that up as well. So I am very glad I had a backup dinner plan (pasta, faux mince and roasted veggies) which is almost done. (Jen, help! I need a big canister of parmesan, the ones here are so tiny!!!)

The rest of the night’s plan is to watch last night’s House, and perhaps more Sherlock. (Of course I will watch more Sherlock, I can’t help myself! I am such a Cumberbitch!) I also want to get through some more of the Cyber bullying book I am reading that is due in a few days.

Tomorrow I need to run errands, get my ashes, and read more.

I also need to figure out what I am giving up for Lent. I was thinking about shopping but I mean, really. Then I thought about giving up swearing, and I was like yeah, that isn’t frigging happening. Last year I gave up diet Coke. I should give up eating brownies at the library. Hrm.

If so inclined, what are you giving up for Lent?


  1. Lydia
    21/02/2012 / 18:22

    Sounds like you need a new key! I can’t imagine you having to do that everytime you leave your apt! I’m going to be giving up meat for Lent! Going back to being vegetarian!

    • admin
      23/02/2012 / 15:22

      I’ve contacted the agency re: the key. It is quite embarrasing every time the Royal Mail shows up and I have to have them unlock it by giving them the keys through the mail slot! I am giving up meat as well. I needed to choose something that I could do, and wouldn’t be overly difficult for me this year.

  2. Stacy
    21/02/2012 / 19:04

    Love Sherlock. Hayes got me watching last weekend. And the bit about the window…wtf? Hilarious. Is it the key or the lock? If its an old lock it might just need to be cleaned out.

    And you should give up pasta and learn to cook for Lent 😉

    • admin
      23/02/2012 / 15:21

      I have no idea. Steph can open it but she isn’t here right now. So out the window was the choice. Or not locking the door at night which I am too paranoid to do. At least it gives me an excuse to catch up on all the tv I missed. 🙂

      If I gave up pasta for Lent I would die. Especially since I am on my own for 2 weeks and cooking is not my division.

  3. 21/02/2012 / 21:31

    Years ago I had a button “giving up catholicism for lent”…

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