Six for Saturday

Hi! Here are some things that are on my mind or that I am crazy over as of late.

1. I watched a movie last night- Third Star. I generally have an idea of what a movie is about before I watch. Like the other night I watched Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and I had an idea it had spies, and I knew it took place in the cold war era. So despite the fact I was lost a bit, I knew what I was getting into. But when I put on Third Star I had no idea, astronomy perhaps. Half an hour in I decided to investigate and really, really wished I had done it BEFORE I put it on. OMG I sobbed and sobbed. Seriously do NOT watch it if you are depressed or grieving or well I will just leave it there. Just when I thought Benedict Cumberbatch couldn’t break my heart anymore after Reichenbach…..oh I was wrong.

So I will always from now on get the premise of a movie before I watch.

2. The song “Arrival of the Birds” by Cinematic Orchestra. This song. OMG. Was it used in Downton Abbey? Anyways someone used it as background music to the end of TRF, and well, it broke me. Obviously, spoilers sweetie.

I’m such a cheery one right now, huh?

3. I really, really need to go for a run. But it started raining and I’m cold and lazy. My back is still really sore too. I went for a walk b/c I was out of dish detergent and wanted to get a polish change but it didn’t loosen it up. And there is a Gavin and Stacey marathon on and I love Gavin and Stacey.

4. I want to try Bikram Yoga. There is a place near uni that has a student discount for a few classes. I should try it.

5. When I saw the picture of Matt Smith with the Stig as a promo for tomorrow’s Top Gear, I thought he was Doogie Howser.

6. I have to finish this book for uni as it is due back in 3 days and I have half of it to go and I just can’t focus. Ugh.

I’m going to make some lunch and run a load of laundry. Have a nice weekend!


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