Someone’s got a case of the Monday’s

That so would be me.

After failing to have any pics captured of a certain someone at the Oscars (don’t say you are going to BE at the bloody Oscars and not get yourself photographed, seriously!) before I had to sleep, and failing to find one particular post, I finally fell asleep somewhere before 2. Totally not my plan. I was going to be asleep by midnight, get up at 9 and go to the office.

What really happened was I woke up at 8:30, felt like crap and changed the alarm to 10. At 10 I rolled over, and layed there until after half 10 when I got up and went searching for the pictures. Luckily my being lazy paid off since the post came and I needed to get a delivery. (I will have to do the same tomorrow, so at least I have a reason for not getting out early.) I continued searching for the post (I didn’t find it until a lovely person on Twitter was able to help out just now after I spent like 5 hours looking, I seriously need a life.)

When I left the flat, I grabbed my gym bag so I could go after only to get off the subway and find I forgot my trainers. What is my life? Am I bovvered? To be honest, not really, since I really feel a bit off anyways.

So here I am at the office trying to figure out what the heck I am actually supposed to be doing? I feel a bit lost and out of my depth since all I am really doing is reading and notetaking spending time on tumblr. I really need to figure this out, huh?

Anyways, all in all…..

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