Thursday thoughts

I actually had to check that today was in fact Thursday. I’ve spent the past 2 days just being generally bummed out, watching telly and films, and reading (not for school). Basically I’ve been a slug.

I actually had high hopes for Tuesday and got up and went off to the office. However, I hadn’t realized it was warm that day and I headed off in a wool dress and managed about an hour before going home and showering in cold water. I was just miserable and cranky. (Not that that is out of the ordinary….)

Today, the package I was expecting actually came early, and I’m at the library getting some work done (ha, I’m writing this!) and hoping when I go see the GP during walk in hours that they will refill my meds or I am going to be one VERY unhappy camper.

Right now I just need to get focused and get things done, which I know is not going to be an easy task for me right now.

Anyways, I should really be getting on with some work looking at pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch on tumblr.

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