Life Goes On

Did you see what I did there? (Ok I promise to shut up now.)

Ok in all seriousness, I am back and posting and living. I hadn’t posted because I didn’t feel the entire world needed to know how depressed I was over a multitute of things. And that is all I’m going to say at the moment on the subject because if I start talking about it I’m going to get all weepy and I just can’t cope with that right now.

So I am up and awake (barely) and in the office trying to do 3 weeks of work in a few days since I haven’t done bugger all in at least 2 weeks. I’ve thought about it, but never really quite got there. I always have ideas and then I never seem to actually WRITE them down and then on a morning like this where I need to actually do all the work my brain is totally not with it. (That may have something to do with the 5 hours (maybe) of sleep I got last night since I couldn’t sleep.) That and the office is warm and crowded and my mind is going off on all different directions.

Yes, so I hopefully will be ruminating daily about all sorts of fascinating subjects and my readership will grow and I will be so loved and admired from afar. (What was in that coffee???)

Ok, really must do some actual work.

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