Keep Calm and Wait for 2013


Waiting is so boring and . . .

I suppose it will allow me to get on with a good part of my research instead of thinking about it. I mean I *get* why. Still…..

Anyways…. back to the world of dreams. I did get some work done yesterday. I started working on my questionnaire and met with one of the researchers who gave me some much needed information I needed. I am meeting with my advisor tomorrow and I hope it isn’t obviously apparent that I’ve done bugger all lately. I should be able to add more to my questionnaire and come up with a basic letter for LEA’s by tomorrow morning. I didn’t go into the office today, as I found I am just as distracted there (and it is hot and crowded and smells funny so I moved some things around in my living room so I can actually get a bit of things done. (Note, blogging counts as work b/c I am actively thinking about my work. (Riiiight, just keep on believing that….)

I know I owe several people some emails and I hope to get to that later once I have gotten some work out of my system and hopefully a run. That 10K race isn’t going to run itself!

In other areas of my life, I find right now mornings are the worst. I have a hard time sleeping lately and I wake up SO over anxious. Unfortunately the meds I’ve been given do shit and I usually take them at night so mornings just suck right now. I hope I can keep managing, otherwise I will move my 3 month review up and discuss with the nice GP about my situation. I also need to find my records for her, since they don’t seem to have scanned them in (not that I would, I mean there are a ton of them from my previous neurologists and other doctors.

Anyways, back to pages of research.

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