Wow, two posts in one day. And I was out of the flat before 9. And I went to the office and went running and shaved my legs. Who are you and what did you do with Cindy?

When I go running, I try to tune out the world. I just want to focus on breathing and not dying. When I was running when I was home, I did it at the track. Just round and round. It was relaxing. I didn’t think about much. I would sometimes think about how I went to school right there (my elementary and middle school) and would reminisce about how I hit my head on the parallel bars or how I’d hang upside down on the monkey bars and I am sure people would speculate how a chubby child could manipulate herself into such positions. (It’s called flexibility and I’m still rather flexible.)

Today it wasn’t like that b/c I was out in the city and in the park and there were people and distractions and my mind couldn’t stop. There were these crosses with names and places on it in some sort of memorial, which made me of course think of Sherlock (yes I have a one track mind right now) and every song was some sort of JohnLock shippy song. (Yes I name mashed. I hate name mashing. But I did it anyways.)

And then I came across a group of teens and they were laughing and fooling around and then it looked like one of them was bullying one of the others, and I couldn’t tell. And I’m the bloody expert; well at least as close to as an expert of it as I am going to get. I gave them my very practiced teacher evil eye, and they seemed to stop, but it was so hard to tell whether or not they were being kids, or really, really causing issues. Which makes it so difficult for teachers to determine whether or not it is happening in schools because it can look so damned innocuous.

Which is why I am doing this research, which led me to thinking about how I need to get started and I realized I need to story board mind palace it out so I can map it all out and see what I know, what is commonly known, so I can go after what isn’t really, really known. So now I need a big whiteboard so I can visualize it or at the very least one of those really, really big post its.

That’s a project for tomorrow since you can’t go to the shops after 5 here and well I am just too bloody tired and it’s half 8 and I haven’t even made dinner yet.

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