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It’s cold here again, which makes me sad. I hope the past 2 weeks or so wasn’t summer. That would be absolutely dreadful. And unfair. I actually put the heat on earlier, but it is off now since we had salmon for dinner and well I don’t like when the flat smells of fish.

Today I actually got things gone. I got up and went and got a coffee and popped into Tesco. I came back and finished the last episode of Fortysomething and then I read the chapter on cyberbullying in the book

    The Bully Society

(which hasn’t come out yet- my advisor got me an advance copy.) 🙂 I read an ebook on Columbine and started

    Queen Bees and Wannabees

. I sent off an email that I meant to do weeks ago and registered for yoga at uni. And I did laundry and dishes. So basically I did more today than I’ve done in 2 weeks LOL.

Other random bits and bobs:

*I got the trainers I ordered last night online today, when they said it would take until at least the 12th. Crazy.
*I have got to go to the post office tomorrow.
*It’s really cold in my room but I can’t hear the river from here right now which is sad.
*My head really hurts.
*What’s up with the thumb injuries on the Red Sox? I mean really.
*It is really REALLY cold in here.

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