Good day

Today was a good day. I actually woke up at 10ish on my own, which is pretty remarkable. (Oh the joys of grad school!) I had breakfast and watched Dallas and then Steph and I ran some errands and I finally got my eyebrows waxed; it’s been like three months and they were a disaster! (Yes, I have priorities, and I go to a place where it’s £5 and they do a great job on them as well as nails and stuff.)

After the exciting trip to the post office, Poundland, and the salon, we went to Beanscene to read. I wanted to go somewhere I knew there wasn’t wifi and where I knew 3G wasn’t reliable so I could focus on some work. I have a library book due tomorrow and I needed to get that read, which I did. I read the entire book and 2 articles in the 2 hours we were there. (Yes, I read fast. Yes, I retain what I read. Also the book wasn’t 100% relevant, helpful but not something I will be able to directly use, but indirectly it may have an impact on my career choices after my PhD.)

I am still not feeling 100% which is really annoying b/c my new trainers are here and I want to run. But now both my ears are killing and that is not good considering how well that worked out for me in January when getting out of bed was sucky. I’d rather not go through being that ill again. Hopefully tomorrow when I am on campus returning my book I can go to the gym as well.

Tomorrow, baseball is back! Whoo hooo! Go Red Sox!!!

This is a Rory Slippery approved post. 🙂

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