Medical update

I’ve been debating whether or not to post anything since Monday. Everything is fine, relatively, however it is hard to really talk about such personal issues sometimes. Again, I’ve never shied away from talking about myself, so I suppose this should be no different. Maybe I am just feeling sorry for myself.

Monday I went to the GP for 3 things; the headache issue, the depression issue, and the cyst pain issue.

The headache issue: She admitted she couldn’t think to fix something that 6 neurologists can’t. She re-referred me back to the neuro. So more waiting. Fun. (I obviously missed my checkup here in October since I wasn’t in the UK.)

The cyst issue: This one is tricky. According to the GP there isn’t much that can be done, so she recommended me going back on a medication that I have had horrid side effects with. She has referred me out to a gyn so I will have to wait and see. Right now 1/2 the month I can hardly walk around too much without extended pain in my side. It is suckage to the max and very annoying. I am not sure what options there are but I would be willing to have the cysts removed if possible. So more waiting. Even more fun.

Depression: This is the issue I had the hardest time with. I had a hard time explaining the whole thing to her about the meds and how I knew I needed a change and all the things that were going on. She wanted me to wait another week so that my records could be reviewed. At that point I was probably more agressive than I meant to be. It is hard enough to go out to the store never mind get up and go out and sit and wait an hour + so I can be seen first at the walk in, b/c I do not want to have to sit there for 2 + hours waiting to be seen. I explained how this had been going on for long enough and that I really wanted to be switched and she did agree, along with yet another referral. So my med has been changed to one I have been on before. It was a long time ago, and I honestly can’t remember if it was good for me or not, and I don’t have the records of that time period and I am unsure if they ever made it from all of my doctor changes that I had in my 20’s with changes of insurance and jobs and careers and things.

Of course since the change (granted 2 days I know) I haven’t been able to sleep, not that I was doing exceptionally well on that front to begin with. It takes a hell of a long time to fall asleep and the past few days I have been awake at WTF early (which would be normal hours to the rest of the world but I don’t have anywhere to be, so why do I need to be awake at 7 am) which is just annoying.

I do have a little more to say on the latter, but it will need to be another time. The Red Sox game is the free MLB game of the day, so I am going to enjoy some Remdog and Orsillo!

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