Diary of an insomniac-part 1

(all times are approximate)

11:30pm- take ridiculously hot bath

00:00am- get into bed, get comfortable, put on soothing rain music

00:03am- ok tomorrow I need to go to uni, clean flat, write up paperwork, read 7 articles….. no, no thinking, just sleeping, sleeeeeeping

00:10am- hear Steph moving around flat

00:14am- wonder if BC is in NYC yet

00:20am- start rewriting in head… no no no stop, must relax

00:24am- hear Steph moving around flat

00:40am- still awake

01:00am- annoyed with rain, change to the Maccabees

01:02am- wonder if BC is listening to “Grew up at Midnight” at the same time as me

01:15am- try counting backward from 100

01:17am- realize that House is on tonight. OMG WILSOOOOOOOON.

01:19am- wonder if you can buy alcohol miniatures at Tesco

01:23am- roll over

02:00am- wonder if I dozed off

02:05am- starving, should have toast

02:06am- go out to kitchen, see dish fairy hasn’t come yet, stomp back off to bed like petulant child, slam door (note that dish fairy came this morning and I am quite grateful to her)

02:30am- oh fuck it, get up and make toast despite the fact that there is next to no butter left

02:34am- catch up on stories posted since midnight

03:00am- start mentally writing in head and then force myself to relax and listen to Maccabees

03:20am- have to pee

03:30am- roll over

03:40am- turn off music

04:00am- WTF birds, shut up

04:15am- really birds, really?

06:32am- oh, did I sleep?

06:45am- shut up birds

07:00am- roll over



09:06am- . . . . .

09:07am- oh wait. . . . .

09:08am- not in Framingham, am in Glasgow

09:15am- listen to whomever is mowing have a hard time starting mower; plot his demise

09:16am- bury head in pillow

10:00am- roll over

11:00am- give up and get up

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