Diary of an insomniac- part 2

All times are exact. I guess it isn’t really insomnia as much as the night before I suppose.

00:30am- in bed

00:35am- realize must stay off Twitter soon or risk House spoilers

00:40am- see Sherlock toaster on Twitter. Jump out of bed to show Steph. Insist we must get this, the Union Jack cushion and tea kettle, not to mention I HAVE to have the tea service, or at least the pot, or a cup. Man fandom is expensive.

00:48am- nothing new on Facebook

00:50am- no new fics

00:51am- realize must go to library and do work tomorrow and hope am not to depressed re: Wilson

01:00am- roll over

04:00am- huh what? Get up and acquire House

06:00am- check and it’s not done yet WTF, start panicking. Take valium.

10:12am- huh? I slept? Well sort of I guess.

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