Welcome Molly!

This is our new cat, Molly!

I will take some better pictures soon, because right now she is asleep on my lap. She is 12 weeks old and adorable and she came with the Sherlock name. 🙂 (Yes, I am a dork, I know!) She is an explorer and a cuddler and loves to cuddle. She’s also pooed on my purse, but it was an old one, so it was ok. She’ll learn.

In other news, I am tired. So frigging tired. I didn’t get much sleep last night. I had SUCH a headache, the pain was absolutely ridiculous. I actually considered going to A&E, but the thought of getting up and walking there was overwhelming. I fell asleep around 5am and was up at 9ish. I cannot wait to sleep.

I got my 10K materials in the mail today. I am SO not ready. I am going to have to walk most of it, which is fine. I am ok with that. I am just disappointed in myself for being such a lazy git. Of course last week I was useless as I was so sleep deprived and this week I am fighting an injury to my calf. I pulled a muscle the other day and it is not comfortable at all. Ugh. So yeah. I hope this weekend and next week I can get in a few runs so that I feel a bit more prepared.

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