Random thoughts for Tuesday

-Some days I wonder why I keep talking to myself on here. I know my blog isn’t very interesting, but sometimes I wish I was in the popular club.

-I am still experiencing anhedonia. *sigh* Sleeping is still difficult. I often wake up early and can’t fall back to sleep. I will have an appointment with the GP next week to discuss continuing treatment and make any changes if needed.

-Molly is adorable and playful. 🙂 Steph took a video of her playing! She is fun and warm and cuddly.

-I’ve finished 2 books for school. By the end of the week I should have most of my paperwork in and done and ready to be submitted.

-Today I used my Groupon to get a Shellac manicure. My nails are shiny. 🙂

-Mmmmmmm, tea.

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