Women’s 10K

I hashtagged this day #cindyrunsa10k on Twitter. I should have called it #cindycrawlsa10k. LOL LOL LOL

So today was the 10K. I hadn’t run in 3 weeks. I had no desire to actually do it, and had pretty much talked myself out of it last night. But when I woke up to feed Molly this morning, I was awake and kept going over and over it in my head as to whether I should go or not. I wasn’t tired or in agony, so I finally dragged myself out of bed.

This was a first for me; not being anal retentive about being ridiculously early. I didn’t even leave the flat until 8:30 and normally to be somewhere new for 10, I would have left at 8. As I crossed the bridge I seriously considered going back to the flat since it looked miserable out, with ominous clouds. But I didn’t. I even took time to go out of my way for coffee, because there was NO way I was walking/running a 10K without coffee.

I got to the park at about 9:20 and waited in line forever to pee. Then I found my way to my corral and got as far back as I could since I knew I wouldn’t be running all of it. And about 9:55 it began to rain. Of course. It rained pretty much steadily the entire time, so I was glad I wore my old trainers (my feet weren’t as happy) and the warmest running clothes I had. How people were walking in tank tops and shorts was beyond me. I was cold most of the time and wet and miserable. Of course it was my own fault for stopping training and being lazy, so I have no one to blame but myself.

It was entertaining to watch the people as they walked and ran past me. (I’m a slow runner, and while I felt like I was walking fast, I clearly wasn’t, or it’s the fact I have short legs.) I think Glasgow is the faux tan capital of the world. Wow. I also saw a woman who clearly forgot her knickers and trousers before she left her house. Seriously, wow.

I saw some other interesting things during the 10K like…

I was very, very happy to get to the end. And wet. What I hate about the end of races is having to then walk an additional mile to get back to the beginning where I could get the shuttle bus. As if I wanted to do anything but sit down and rest for a few minutes. Also, I could have done with a snack but all they were giving out were bananas and since I hate bananas, I was shit out of luck. I got my medal and goodie bag and finally found the shuttle buses. I must have gotten on the wrong one, because I ended up at Buchanan (which was fine as it is closer to home and also allowed me to get a coffee) and from there I hopped on the subway and headed home where I wolfed down my Subway sub and took a very long hot bath.

I’m tired, but no more than usual. My feet are a little sore, but I am sure it is nothing a much needed pedicure won’t be able to solve tomorrow. 🙂

My hideous face and medal . . .

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