Habits of effective people and why I’m not one of them

I read a lot. A lot of blogs, books, articles, fan fiction. I’ve also found from all of this reading how I am so not effective at all. At anything. So . . . . Here is why and how I just can’t seem to get on the same page as other people I admire and wih I could emulate.

1. Effective and productive people get up early. Like 6am early. Granted I did this for YEARS and this shouldn’t be an issue. But being a grad student and then unemployed and then back to a student makes it SO easy for me to NOT get up early. I mean, why should i get up if i have nowhere to be? During baseball season I like to listen to the games or as much of them as I can. They start here at midnight so that means late nights. I also tend to be an insomniac which doesn’t help matters. So most of the time getting up before 10 is a miracle. If I do get up earlier, it isn’t like I actually do anything productive unless I have to actually be somewhere.

2. Effective and productive people workout often and hard. I have gotten so lazy it’s sad. I can’t get motivated to save my life.

3. Effective and productive people don’t spend hours a day reading fan fiction or watching telly. They go to work and do real life things. I sit on my couch and wonder where my day goes. It’s one thing to spend some time doing things for pleasure, but I’ve turned it into a bloody art form.

4. Effective and productive people don’t make excuses much about their life. They can see and recognise where they have weaknesses and address it. I’m the queen of excuses. Granted I do have some good reasons sometimes, but mostly it’s because I’m lazy and just can’t be bothered. Which is sad as it isn’t a life I’m leading. Well not the kind I invision in my mind when I think about what I really want.

Sometimes I wish my internal mental life and my real life would merge and I could have the life that I imagine myself having. I guess I will add it to the list of things to think about.

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