My own brand of crazy

I know I am not “normal.” Never have, never will be. I’ve always been my own brand of crazy. From going overboard when I like something ( I mean come on how many 10 year olds have Sue Ellen Ewing as a role model?) and other sort of nonsense. Granted, some of that has come to bite me in the ass in the past, for mistakes I’ve made, and for the foolish things I’ve done. I could blame it on youth or hormones or me just being an idiot. But no. I think it’s just my own brand of crazy. (Ok in full disclosure some of those things were just plain stupid and I’m so sorry.)

Like yesterday, jumping into the freezing cold ocean. Seriously, it was fucking cold.

Or now, writing this post, when I should actually be doing work.

Or sneaking out of work to have “lunch” with JD Fortune.

Or flying to Canada to meet up with some fabulous women, attend some concerts, get a tat, and see a really, really big bag of popcorn. (Ok this wasn’t really crazy IMO, it was just fucking awesome!)

Or totally changing my life, flying across the pond and getting a third (and now fourth) degree.

I could go on, but I am sure you get the point.

So sorry, but I am not sorry that my posts may have more to do with Reichenbach feels than how my workouts and weight loss are doing. It’s just my own brand of crazy.

(There was an actual point to this post, but I lost it somewhere. Sorry, but I’m not sorry)

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