Weekend update


-I went to Primark today.
-Then I sat outside in the sun for few hours and read. It was glorious out!
-I took a nap.
-I put the grocery delivery away.
-I did dinner dishes.
-I’m not watching Eurovision, but I am enjoying the tweets on it, especially Mark Gattis’.
-Instead I am watching SVU and drinking iced coffee and cuddling Molly. Call me crazy.


-I felt ill most of the day. I got up to go out and then went back to bed.
-I watched the BAFTA’S.
-No, I do not want to talk about it.

Today so far:

-I had a doctor appointment. Fun.
-I sat outside when I got back since it is going to be the last real warm day for a while 🙁
-I made lunch to see if I’d feel any better.
-Now I am watching L&O and pondering finishing up my paperwork.

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