The “doctor” is in

Yes, I am in the office. I know, crazy huh?

It’s official. My first conference!

I actually had to come in today and probably tomorrow, depending on how much I get done today. I have submitted my ethics paperwork and now I need to get the presentation done as well as letters to be sumbitted. (I haven’t even opened tumblr yet!) I’d like to get the actual presentation (I hope I can remember how to navigate Powerpoint. I haven’t done a presentation since I left EMC and that was like 13 years ago. Crazy!) done today and can spend tomorrow making note cards about what I am going to say.

I wish I had remembered to grab water or a Diet Coke before heading upstairs. My coffee is almost gone, and I am going to need hydration. It’s a bit hot in the office. (Ugh.) I wonder if the gym has aircon? Considering the *hospital* didn’t, I am holding out little hope for later.

Ok, off to get this done. If it goes well, perhaps I can share the presentation online. 🙂

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  1. 29/05/2012 / 14:38

    That’s awesome! Good luck!

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