20 facts and an update

I haven’t posted in a while, mainly b/c there hasn’t been anything to say. It’s been a quiet average week with things like errands and cleaning and laundry and the gym thrown in. Or shall I say, boring.

There’s a meme on twitter going on, 20 facts about me, and since no one wants me tweeting 20 random facts about me, I figured I could do it here.

1. I am very lazy and suck at replying to emails in a timely manner.

2. I’m just lazy, full stop.

3. I ship Johnlock like it’s burning.

4. I prefer spinning over any other class at the gym.

5. I’d give my right arm for 20 minutes in the Healthworks hottub right now. Or any hot tub for that matter.

6. I am rapidly approaching 37 (37!!!!) and am afraid I am going to be alone forever, with cats as my company.

7. Granted, the above is my own fault for isolating myself for the past decade or so and never going out and interacting with the world. Mainly because I am insecure, and also b/c I do not think anyone would be interested in me and my endless baggage.

8. I hold grudges forever. It may not be healthy, but whatevs.

9. I spend way too much time reading blogs, fan fic, the internet, etc instead of working on, well work.

10. I prefer wine to beer (which I find repulsive) but would prefer mixed drinks over all. That is if I actually drank. I mean I do, but like once every 3 months LOL.

11. I’d rather eat than drink my calories. (see above)

12. My favourite place on earth- Fenway Park.

13. A close second is the Embankment area of London, right along the Thames near the London Eye. Bloody gorgeous.

14. I am NOT a photographer. LOL!

15. I wish my blog was popular, and had a following.

16. I know I am not taking advantage of my time here in the UK, and I know I should, yet that doesn’t help me get out of bed in the morning.

17. My flatmate and I have a scary obsession over nail polish, yet I am boring and wear the same few shades.

18. I probably watch too much telly, but sorry, I’m not sorry.

19. I also probably drink far more diet Coke than is healthy, but at least I will be well preserved when I die.

20. I miss the click clacky sounds my acrylic nails used to make on the keyboard.

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