Lots of news

I’ve been a bad little blogger as of late. In fact I wrote a post the other evening, but I didn’t post it as it was SO maudlin. Anyways…..

-My research has been approved by the University ethics committee! Yay! I just heard! Finally! I was beginning to worry since I submitted around Easter.

-I saw Frankenstein Sunday, and it was amazing! OMG Benedict Cumberbatch you amazing thing you!

-I’ve been to the gym several times in the past 2 weeks.

-I have an appointment with the neuro on Sunday (Sunday????)

-I see John Barrowman on Friday! 🙂

-Saturday is the Glasgow Sherlock meetup!

Today I’ve had my nails done, picked up kitten food, grabbed a Subway sub, and am catching up on my tv and e-mails at the same time. 🙂

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