Relaxing day

Today I enjoyed a relaxing day. I slept in, had some toast and iced coffee, and then headed out to get a facial. My skin has been acting a bit weird lately, so I figured I would get a good cleanse to reboot it. I’ve never had issues w/ my skin, in fact having 2 pimples as a teen sent me running to a dermatologist for Accutane or some other treatment. A bit vain, am I?

It was very nice and relaxing and was topped off with a shoulder and arm massage. The only thing that was lacking was extraction (which isn’t relaxing), so all in all, I was very relaxed and my skin looks healthy. Next time I will do some more research into finding a place that does extractions or enzyme treatments like I had done at Catherine Hinds back home.

The only thing missing was having the experience with my BFF. We always went to Catherine Hinds together for facials and then lunch after.

After the massage I met up with Steph at Beanscene for London Fog tea and snacks and got some reading done for my research. The weather here is miserable and rainy and I didn’t want to do much else. I wanted to go to the gym, but my ankle has other ideas. It’s being all painful again and has spread into my heel and walking hurts, until I’m “warmed” up (which is something it is NOT here; it’s chilly and rainy and ick). I hope it goes away, but until then I plan on going to the physio walk-in on Wednesday.

Tomorrow night is John Barrowman on Glasgow Green. What was I thinking getting tickets to an outdoor concert in Glasgow? I hope it isn’t raining as hard tomorrow evening as it was today.

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