Back to spinning

Now, on a more positive note 🙂

I took my first spinning class in nearly a year today, and it was awesome! I am spectacularly sore and tired. I got t 15 minutes early to get my bike set up, since the bikes they use at this gym I hadn’t used before. I had the instructor check my setup and then I warmed up for about 15 minutes.

The class was only a half hour, but it was intense. By 10 minutes in, I wished I was in less clothing. By 20 minutes in, I said screw it, and took off my wicking top as it was soaked and finished the ride in my full length sports bra. I generally don’t throw caution to the wind like that, especially at this weight (not happy) and not generally in front of the opposite sex. (When I worked out at Healthworks I figured if I was naked in the hot tub, getting down to my sport bra in spinning was the least of my worries!)

I was a hot mess and the end of 10, 20, 30, 40 second sprint sessions (in the saddle and out) and then a hill climb at the end. I was glad it was raining when I got outside, since I was roasting!

I’m excited to go back tomorrow!

And for no other reason than it is cute, here is a picture of Molly cuddling the Plague.

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