Just a little unwell

I haven’t been feeling 100% since spinning last Thursday night. I know I really killed it and gave it all I could in that class. However, since then (apart from today) I’ve been feeling queasy and dizzy, like I was going to be sick. I never was, but I was miserable and I couldn’t eat all that much without feeling sick, and then not wanting to eat made me feel sicker.

I was just about ok for Hugh Laurie and Saturday I felt mostly ok and went to the gym and took a yoga class, and did a small amount of weight lifting. Sunday and Monday were awful. Most of Sunday I didn’t do anything at all but feel miserable and make things miserable for anyone around me and ended up making pretty much a fool of myself, but no need to go into that, it’s over and done with. Monday, I was unable to eat at all until 7 at night. Fun.

The last time I felt this ill it was right after I ran a 10k while I was home and pushed myself. The following days I was queasy and unable to eat or do much other than lay vertically. Hmmm, coincidence? I don’t think so. I guess I need to either not push myself so hard at the gym, and/or make sure I adequately fuel afterwards. Last time I lost 7 pounds, this time not so much. Oh well.

Today I feel much better and have been able to eat and go out and do the things I’ve needed to do. I didn’t work out, mainly because I haven’t had much to eat at all. I hope tomorrow to be able to be back to normal.


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