Workout- week in review

This week was an ok workout week. It could have been better, but I’ve still had some stomach issues off and on, which makes working out hard.

Wednesday- cardio warmup on the treadmill and then 45 minutes of Bodypump, which was exhausting but awesome. It was topped off by a 2 mile walk in the pouring rain. Good times.

Thursday- Spinning. It was a good class, but the spin bike computer wasn’t working and I forgot my HRM, and without numbers for some reason I couldn’t just relax and enjoy the ride. The class was REALLY small, so I couldn’t feed off the rest of the class’ energy.

Saturday- weight training for 45 minutes which included squats, upper body presses, and rows.

Sunday- I had spinning plans but my stomach didn’t like that idea so I spent the day cleaning the flat, doing laundry, cleaning out a closet, Hoovering, and the like.

The plan for this upcoming week is:
Monday- weights
Tuesday- spinning
Saturday-weights and yoga

This is very optimistic, but I hope to get through more than 50% of it.

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