Not as planned

This day did not go as planned. Not. At. All.

-I didn’t sleep well.

-I had an early meeting, which went fine, but early.

-I wanted to go to a store that sells Nuun, as I was interested in trying it. But the google maps on my MacBook and onmy iPhone gave me directions 2.5 miles out of the way (just one way, so a total of 5 miles walking out of the way.)

-As a result of that, Steph and I had a huge fight over the stupid map since I clearly can’t operate one.

-I didn’t have enough water and the walk that ended up being 6.11 miles left me dehydrated and exhausted.

-And then I got notification that it’s time to do my student loans and I’m totally freaking out over something not working right and not being able to stay on to finish my PhD. This immediately sent me into a panic and I had to leave dinner having a huge panic attack. I can’t even begin to explain how I will feel if this doesn’t work out or all the ad things that will happen to me if it doesn’t work out. It will be very bad. And as usual I’m freaking out over something that might not happen, but I always catastrophize everything.


Tomorrow better be better.


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