A day in the life- Friday edition

10am: Wake up and panic over what will happen if I can’t stay. Daydream about what being homeless will be like. Worry about a number of things, wonder how I would stay clean? OMG what about series 3 of Sherlock? (I’m kidding, KIDDING!)

10:45am: Finally get up to see if Steph is leaving for Stirling.

10:50am: Feed Molly as she is starving.

11-11:30am: Catch up on email. Make protein shake and crumpet. Realize there is no milk or cream for coffee.

11:56am: Leave for Tesco. Take out trash. Remember I have to clean the flipping windows and get pissed off again.

12-12:20pm. Pick up milk, cream, a sandwich, and paper towels and window cleaner.

12:25pm. Clean the windows I can reach.

12:28pm: Make coffee.

12:30pm. Start working on paperwork for research.

12:32pm: Get email confirming I am staying here another year! Jump up and down!

12:40pm: Put laundry in.

12:50pm. Calm down, drink coffee. Work on paperwork.

12:51pm: Realize I haven’t checked Google Reader.

12:57pm: Pout that no one has replied to my tweet.

12:58pm: Back to work.

13:00pm: A REPLY! (I am so full of myself, I know.)

13:17pm: Turn on the dryer.

13:55pm: Decide it’s lunch time.

14:06pm: Back to work

14:20pm: Decide to do the dishes.

14:34pm: Attempt to work.

14:35pm: Pet Mollly.

14:45pm: Type anonymously approximately 765 times.

15:00pm: Done with the form. Now I need to edit the questionnaire.

15:05pm: Get Steph’s stuff for the gym.

15:10pm: Try to address the issue that is my eyebrows.

15:15pm: Wash face, brush teeth, apply BB cream.

15:30pm: Get stuff ready for the gym.

15:35pm: Pet Molly.

15:48pm: Nail emergency. Don’t ask.

16:00pm: Leave for errands/gym.

19:40pm: Back home from errands/gym/grocery store stop. The gym involved an hour of weight training.

19:45pm: Catch up on email, eat dinner, watch Dallas 🙂 Dinner is rosemary focaccia, a small Greek salad, and salmon.

20:45pm: Watch the West Wing with Steph while surfing the ‘net.

22:30pm: Shower and get ready for bed.

23:00pm: Dallas!

00:00pm: Watch another episode of the West Wing or read and go to bed. (I’m posting this before midnight.)

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  1. hayes
    13/07/2012 / 23:21

    Congrats on the extension!

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