If I weren’t so tired, this entry would be far more interesting I am sure.

Saturday I did nothing at all and it was glorious. I did run to Tesco, but that was about it. We just sat around and watched the West Wing all day.

Today I did the hoovering and then went to spinning which is why I am SO tired now. I came home and made dinner, which was a disaster, b/c I suck at it. That’s why I am glad Steph is better at it and likes it. I managed to set the smoke alarm off twice, burn myself, and dinner wasn’t even that good. Ugh.

I took a bath and listened to the Sox/Rays game and read Mystrade.

Now I am contemplating going to bed. Really. However, it isn’t dark yet, so I may need to wait on that a bit.

So this week’s gym schedule ended up being:
Monday- rest
Wednesday-weight training
Thursday- 6.11 mile walk
Friday- weight training
Saturday- rest
Sunday- spinning

Not as perfect as I hoped, but better than nothing. And I am ok with that.

The upcoming week looks like:
Monday-weight training

Hopefully I will get all that in. Tomorrow is apparently a bank holiday (?) not that that impacts me really. I need to make some calls, submit my paperwork to the council, and send off a job application for temp work at Uni for the beginning of the semester.

Here is an obligatory picture of Molly. 🙂

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