8 weeks

Let’s start with the good: It didnt rain today! And it is supposed to be sunny tomorrow! I don’t care that it’s only going to be 64 degrees, I’m sitting outside all day.

Tonight I headed to the gym for spinning and then box fit (kind of like Tae Bo, I guess). When I checked in on 4square it told me I’d been going to the gym consistently for 8 weeks. 8 weeks. I would have hoped by now I would have seen some results on the scale, I mean who wouldn’t? I’ve seen nothing. And its so irritating. I worry Im not working out hard enough, but I think I am. My heart rate is reasonably high and consistent while spinning and weight lifting. I am mixing weight training and cardio.

I have been eating back my exercise calories, but maybe I shouldnt be. I’m eating more protein, less carbs, and trying so stay consistent calorie wise. I suppose I could play around with it. I just wish I was seeing some sort of result weight wise.

Once I was done and headed home, the sky was just gorgeous.

img src=http://www.sleepspinresearch.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/sunset.jpeg alt=Sunset title=sunset.jpeg border=0 width=480 height=358 /

Well resting and telly await!

What do you do when you think you’re doing everything right, and you don’t see results?

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