Yay! It was sunny today. My goal was to lay out in the sun, but the ground was still sopping, so that was out. We ended up going to Costa and sitting outside and getting some reading done. I am sad it is going to be raining once again tomorrow. I was hoping for more sun.

After reading I took an hour spinning class. My legs are killing! It was a really good class; the best I have taken so far. I think since it was an hour it allowed the instructor to focus less on sprint, sprint, sprint, and to take longer climbing hills. I am exhausted. I really think my gym has created hot spinning, like hot yoga. There was no ventilation in the room AT ALL, no fans, no air con. It was HOT.

I am so glad tomorrow is a rest day. I cannot wait to do nothing much at all. I have some errands to do, as well as reading.

Right now all I want is my bed!

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