2 year surgiversary!

Happy 2 year surgiversary to me!  It was 2 years ago I headed off to MGH in the early hours of the morning for breast reduction surgery.  I was terrified, being alone, but it all went fine.  The surgery went fine and there were no complications.  Steph was staying with me to help me recover and so I didn’t have to be alone.

I was so fine in fact, that 2 weeks later I was packing up my apartment, moving heavy boxes, and cleaning in preparation to move to Scotland for grad school.  Of course I shouldn’t have been doing any of those things, but I felt fine and it didn’t cause me any issues at all.

Last fall I had a revision to deal with some extra skin issues, and that has healed fine, but these scars are far more visible than the original scars.  In fact, I can hardly see the original scars.  🙂  The only thing that I have really noticed lately is that they aren’t as firm as they were a year ago. 

I had such high hopes for myself for working out after the reduction.  It was supposed to make running and other high impact activities so much easier for me.  Then I moved.  I was busy and worried about school work and life in a different country, not to mention the things that were happening back home. 

Workouts were sporadic. My food intake was less than stellar.  I gained a lot of weight; putting me back to where I began over a decade ago.  So much for my high hopes. 

Today ended up being a wash.  I’ve had such a bad headache (worse than usual) for the past few days that I haven’t felt well at all.  I’m taking another rest day and not going to spinning tonight.  I hope that tomorrow the pain will be lessened enough that spinning will be in the cards.

Tonight is the Olympic opening ceremonies.  I know that whomever is doing the final lighting is a well kept secret, but I know who I would like it to be.

Are you watching the Olympics? If so, what’s your favourite sport to watch?

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