Trying to get things done

If only I was a morning person.  Or, if only I didn’t stay up late listening to the Red Sox and got up at a normal hour.  Oh well.

I have several things I needed to get done today.  One was to call to get a national insurance number so I can get a p/t job.  I wish I had done this A LOT sooner, as things are a bit tight and worrying at the moment (the biggest worry I have right now).  I hope that the number and all of this happens quickly!

I also need to call to make an appointment with the neurologist and I can’t through to the scheduler.  I’ve been calling off and on for 2 hours.  Grrrrr.

I did run out to get Molly food and picked up more milk for protein shakes, so at least I feel like something’s been accomplished, other than watching the women’s Olympic diving which is flipping amazing.  It makes me want to pick up swimming and diving again! (Granted the last time I did any real swimming I was in middle school!)

I need to keep trying the hospital, and think about lunch so I have energy for spinning and box fit later!

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