I wasn’t able to get in touch with the neuro today.  The number was either busy or no one was picking up.  So frustrating!

I had a light lunch and watched a bit of the women’s gymnastics and then it was finally time to go to the gym.  

I took a 30 minute spinning class, followed by a 30 minute box fit class.  I am tired and sore!  🙂  It was really good and fun, but I am beat!

The bummer of the day was getting the guidelines of the weight loss program that we will be starting tomorrow.  For starters, we can’t eat or drink 2 hours before having the fat percentage test.  This makes things a bit difficult, as the class is at 1:30 and that would mean having eaten prior to 11:30.   This would be fine if I had a normal schedule, but since I generally don’t get up until noon . . . (I know cue the tiny violins!)

Some of the guidelines we were given were a bit extreme IMO.  No coffee.  No carbs.  No gluten.  No sugar.  No packged foods.  No dairy.  Some of them I can see, but for someone with a nut/soy allergy who already has a ton of things cut out of her diet, this would be major issues for me.  Also, the diet plan included has lots of things I do not eat out of being a picky eater/having allergies, and the plan barely makes it to 1200 calories.  If I were eating that few calories I would not have the energy to work out, especially on days where I’m lifting weights.  I’ve noticed a major correlation between not eating enough on days prior to lifting.  I just can’t lift as much and it is a huge struggle.  I understand that to lose weight, you must cut calories and exercise, I just do not think that cutting them that extreme will be a benefit to me.  And as far as no coffee is concerned, any plan that tells me to cut out coffee can kiss my arse.  

I’ve done extreme dieting and calorie counting before.  I was on Optifast.  I nearly passed out while teaching and became rather ill because of it.  I also think that extreme behaviour was what caused the headaches since they began shortly after the whole Optifast debachle.  So, despite not losing a lot of weight doing what I am doing now, I will take note of their recommendations, but I am not going to cut out 75% of what I am currently eating to be left with water, chicken, turkey, eggs, salad, and feta cheese. (I kid you not, this is pretty much what is left on the list that I can eat, it is hugely nut based!)  I know a diet like that would not be beneficial to me at all.

And with that being said, I am off to finish the dishes, listen to the Red Sox, and sleep!

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