Do you work out in the morning or at night? Why?

As part of the August Healthy Living/Fitness Blogger Writing Challenge, this is the second post in a month long series of posts.

Do you work out in the morning or at night?  Why?

I workout when I feel like it.  Period.  Being a post-grad student makes it easy to set my own schedule, which right now is late to bed, late to rise.  (I get up at noonish, and usually fall asleep around 2am, depending on how invested I am in the Red Sox game I’m listening to, usually.)

For example:  Today I got up at noon, had brunch at 1:30 and then headed to the gym around 2ish.  We walked to the gym since we both needed to go to the post office.   For once errands and the gym were done by 5:30!

Weight training was the same as the last time; the only change being press ups instead of bench presses.

Tomorrow I will be hitting the gym later, as yoga isn’t until 7pm.  Days like today that I weight trained are more flexible and I can go whenever I want.  I enjoy taking classes like spinning and yoga, and I try to select the classes in the early evening as I know scheduling anything for 1:30 just doesn’t end well.


  1. 03/08/2012 / 02:26

    You are living my dream life! Sleep in? Workout all afternoon? Stay up late watching/listening to baseball? Count me in!!

  2. Stephanie
    03/08/2012 / 11:34

    I’m be into working out sometime between midnight and 5am if I had a spotter so I’m clearly in the working out late mindset.

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