Catch up

The past few days have been busy.  I feel like I haven’t had time to sit down and read or write effectively at all.

Thursday, we went to Silverburn shopping centre and walked around and had dinner.  By the end of the night my feet were killing and I was beat.

Friday, we had some very good news in the morning which has made my stress levels vanish!  I was supposed to go to yoga but instead we decided to go out for dinner and a movie. (We saw Brave; it just came out here in Scotland.)  I can’t remember the last time I actually went out on a Friday night!

Today we had errands to do.  I picked up a cute skirt and H&M and then we went to Boots for shampoo and things.  After wandering about for a bit we headed home before going back out to the gym.  I had a horrible headache but I had a 45 minute spin class on the agenda. So I sucked it up and went.  🙂 It was great and I was very sweaty afterward.

Once the gym was out of the way, we headed to the grocery store, and the skies opened up!  I was a bit drenched.  Not fun.

After bringing a snack to a friend, we headed home and had dinner (salmon, corn, and couscous).  My spinach seemed to have vanished.  Huh.

Right now I am enjoying a protein shake, some television, and catching up on the August Healthy Living / Fitness Blogger Writing Challenge!

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