The worst injuries I’ve ever had

As part of the August Healthy Living/Fitness Blogger Writing Challenge, this is the eighth post in a month long series of posts.


So worst injuries, huh?  I never had any injuries as a kid, unless you count falling off my bike a few times.  I didn’t play sports (my parents were afraid I’d lose an eye in soccer, I kid you not) so any exercise I got was walking to school (every day until high school when it was too far with a 50b backpack), biking, swimming in the summer, and the occasional gymnastics rec class.

So, picture it, central Massachusetts 1999.  It’s a dark night in the ‘burbs and my then boyfriend and I were headed back to his parents house.  (Why not my flat, I have NO idea.) It’s pitch black, it’s like after midnight and there are NO lights.  I get out of the car and proceed to trip over a tree root and totally destroy my ankle.  I can’t walk on it.  It’s swollen and purple and gross and I want my mum.  Instead I get a trip to the ER.

I have to wait forever and a day to be seen and get an x-ray, and then when I’m examined the doctor nearly refused to treat me b/c I was being rude.  It was like 3 am, I was in pain, tired and he was asking me questions that had no reference whatsoever to my PURPLE ankle.  Finally, I calmed down (not really) and got a diagnosis of torn ligaments, an air cast, and crutches.  Yeah.  Let’s give the clumsy girl crutches.  And no pain meds.  Yeah, it didn’t flipping HURT or anything.

I had just started walking trying to get healthier and lose weight and this HAD to happen.  It took a few months to get to where I could walk ok and finally began working out with a trainer, worked out a ton, and lost 85 pounds.

My right ankle still bothers me sometimes, so sometimes I wear a brace just to be on the safe side.

The other injury story I have may not be classified as an injury, but since I did it to myself, it may as well be.

In 2006 I was fed up with how I looked and how much I weighed.  Instead of being smart and using the 2 advanced degrees and the smarts I had, I decided that I needed to take drastic measures and signed up for Optifast.  890 calories a day of shakes (only one flavour I could have due to food allergies) and one bar (again, food allergies).  This combined with the workout regime I had in place (running 3 miles 3x/week) I was convinced I’d lose a ton of weight.

I didn’t. Instead I lost a ton of money and only lost about 7 pounds in 3 months.  And I was miserable.

Now, this plan was doctor supervised, and I had blood drawn bi-weekly and was weighed and had my b/p taken every week.  Week after week, my b/p became lower and lower.  The doctors weren’t concerned, but said if I ever got lightheaded or anything to see if I could get my b/p taken.

A week or so after, while teaching, I nearly passed out.  I called the nurse and she came over and took my b/p.  It was 60/40.  She told me to drink water or a sports drink so I had one of my students get me a gatorade, which I guzzled.  And then at the end of the school day, I went home and ate a pizza.  And I felt awesome.  🙂

A month or so after that, I began having these debilitating headaches.  Curling up on the bed with a pillow over my head and sobbing headaches.  It was terrible.  It is still terrible.  I’ve had countless neurologists, tests including a CAT scan, MRI, and 2 spinal taps. I’ve tried every medication under the sun.  Sadly, the only thing that’s worked has been narcotics, and for some reason doctors seem to be reluctant to prescribe them longterm.  😐

This headache, this issue or injury has been the bane of my existence for 6 years.  It makes it hard for me to live the lifestyle I’d like to because some days I just can’t get out of bed.  Some days are ok and I can handle the throbbing.  Some days all I want is an ice pack, a dark room, and my bed.  I try not to let it get me down, but after 6 years of having a headache every day it’s old.

I honestly have no way to prove the correlation between the Optifast diet and my headaches.  But it happened so close together I can’t help think that there has to be a link.  I know that people have become seriously ill on Optifast and even have died.   So if you know anyone out there who is seriously considering this diet, even if it is just to drop weight before WLS surgery, please encourage them to try other options.  It’s not worth it.  You could save a life.


  1. 09/08/2012 / 03:20

    WOW! Thank you for sharing your experiences – I hope that someone googling Optifast comes up on this post. I hope that your headaches go away. Im a migraine sufferer (so is my husband and oldest daughter) but when I moved to clean(er) eating my migraines pretty much went away. Hugs!!

    • 09/08/2012 / 18:24

      I hope that there is someone who can figure out what is causing them, or something to treat them. I’ve removed a lot of processed foods from my diet b/c there are some that do exacerbate it. Also, with having so many food allergies, it makes sense.

      • Anonymous
        11/09/2012 / 16:10

        Hi, I have been on Optifast for two weeks, prior to gastric bypass. I have has horrible headaches and feel lousy. My bp is low and my sugars crash. After this the bypass regime us going to be a peice of cake…though not literally.

      • Anonymous
        11/09/2012 / 16:10

        Hi, I have been on Optifast for two weeks, prior to gastric bypass. I have has horrible headaches and feel lousy. My bp is low and my sugars crash. After this the bypass regime us going to be a peice of cake…though not literally.

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