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As part of the August Healthy Living/Fitness Blogger Writing Challenge, this is the nineteenth post in a month long series of posts.

Today’s post is a day in the life.  I actually did this recently (I blogged about a specific day) so I’m posting what a day really is like and and what my day SHOULD be, rather than the sit in my pj’s until 3, watch telly, and go to the gym existance that it currently is.  Come mid-September my schedule will be more like the SHOULD be schedule, with more time at the office weekly since I will have research to analyse.  For now, I am enjoying the “downtime” while it lasts.


A typical day for me

anywhere between 5:30-8: wake up, pee, feed Molly, go back to sleep

anywhere between 11-1pm: actually wake up, immediately make coffee; depending on what Steph is doing I either make something to eat like granola and yogurt or a protein shake, or I wait for her to make eggs, etc since I can’t cook to save my life; check emails/Twitter/Facebook/blog catchup/Fanfic catchup/news catchup (Yes I know I spend WAY too much time online!)  🙂

2ish: debate doing some actual work, get dressed for the gym instead/have a small snack or small lunch depending on what my activity plan is for the day

2-3ish: depending on the day, run out for coffee/errands/weight lifting.  If it’s a spinning day, I usually leave a bit later

4ish (on a spinning day) head out for errands and spinning

6ish come back home after the gym/errands

7-8ish have dinner/shower/pet Molly

9-11: read/telly/blog/tell myself that tomorrow I will get work done

11pm Dallas

12am Listen to the Red Sox

2am-ish fall asleep


What a typical weekday should be for me

8am wake up, feed Molly

8-8:30: get ready for the office (shower, hair, makeup, make a protein shake)

8:30 head off to the office via foot or subway depending on the weather

9 pick up coffee

9:10 arrive at the office, immediately tweet that it’s 8000 degrees in said office

9:30 finish checking emails, etc

9:35 think about research

10 ponder more coffee/caffeine

10:15 continue research read google reader/blogs

11 debate lunch options

11:05 stare at computer screen

noon head home for lunch/nap/etc since I’ve been so productive

12:30 have lunch, catch up on emails (as it’s been 10 minutes I’m sure since I checked)

1 depending on the day/schedule I may run errands or get ready to go to the gym.

2-6 work out/run errands/do actual work depending on the day as it’s easier to access weights in the afternoon or late, late evening, or I take a spinning class at 5:30

6:30 pick up dinner stuff if needed/head home

7 dinner time!

7:30 shower/watch telly/read for the rest of the evening

11 Dallas time!

12am bedtime listen to the Red Sox


  1. 20/08/2012 / 23:03

    I’m glad you are enjoying your summer ‘down time’. Our schedule is really different each day too. I’m rather looking forward to the upcoming structure.

    • 21/08/2012 / 21:15

      I seriously need some structure in my life. It would make it so much easier to get things done!

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