Five must have fitness items

As part of the August Healthy Living/Fitness Blogger Writing Challenge, this is the twentieth post in a month long series of posts.

Today’s post is to list your five must have fitness items.  Funny, that I don’t have all five yet, but I know they are a must have.

1. Water bottle- it kind of goes without saying.  This one I got free in the post!  🙂


2. A heart rate monitor.  I have a Polar FT7.  It helps me to know when I am really pushing myself in spinning, or if I need to (and can) push myself harder.


3. A foam roller.  I SO need one of these ASAP (i.e when I get my loans!)  My hamstrings and shoulder will thank me!

4. A great pair of trainers.  Right now I am loving my New Balance W880’s!  I can’t wait to get another pair so I can rotate them out!


5. A good fitting sports bra.  Right now I have a shock absorber for running/spinning/high impact activities, but I do like just the tank with a bra built in for activities with less impact (even though after the reduction, I can run in just a tank with a built in bra, which is SO FLIPPING AMAZING after years of double bagging it.)

Mine looks like this one, only with the built in bra.


*Bonus item*

Weight lifting gloves.  My gym doesn’t have chalk or anything, so it’s made doing dead lifts a bit of a challenge with my hands sliding all about being sweaty.  So I am in the market for a pair of gloves.  I wish I still had the ones I had years ago; they were an XS, and I’ve never been an XS in anything before!  (I have really tiny hands!)  I really like these!


What are your top 5 fitness must haves?


    • 21/08/2012 / 21:14

      I can’t wait to get one. My shoulder will thank me!

  1. Kay
    21/08/2012 / 20:44

    Hi Cindy,

    would you recommend me to buy the Polar watch? I really wanted it, then I got iPod nano and Nike+ sensor so I thought it would be better and it’s not accurate. When I run in a gym on a treadmill I can see how many miles I run and everything and the information (calories, distance, pace, etc) I get from iPod and the treadmill display are just really different.

    Take care sweetie, hugs from Vancouver xx

    • 21/08/2012 / 21:12

      The information on cardio machines is not accurate. Sometimes it has me burning 200 calories more than my HRM says or 200 less. That was why I got an HRM in the first place, to get a closer estimate based on my height, weight, age, and heart rate. If you are looking for a closer estimate, I would definately invest in one. You don’t have to go with Polar. If you do a lot of outdoor activities a Garmin would be a good choice as it has a GPS so it also works as a distance tracker. There are plenty HRM’s on the market and I am sure you can find one that fits what you are looking for. The first one I had, was very basic, it pretty much gave me my heart rate and calories burned at the end. The FT7 logs my workouts so I can see trends, but not everyone needs that much info.

      Good luck! 🙂

      • Kay
        21/08/2012 / 21:57

        I know that machines are not very precise but nor it the Nike+ sensor. I was really disappointed, so I started considering the Polar thingy again but I don’t know anyone who has any experience with it so I was happy to come across your post. Thank you so much for your advice 🙂

        • 22/08/2012 / 01:37

          No problem! It is interesting to note that about the Nike+ sensor. I was thinking of getting one for the fall, but I think I will do some more comparative research between it and the Fitbit.

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