Last week training/workout recap

I’ve been a bit busy (sort of) and a bit lazy (obviously) and a bit stressed (per usual) so I didn’t have a chance to recap last weeks workouts.  I didn’t have a set schedule as to what I would be doing, and I think it worked out a bit better.  I didn’t feel stressed about getting to a class at a certain time, and I was able to make sure I got my weight training in.

Monday: weights
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: weights and walking
Thursday: spinning
Friday: off ( I wasn’t feeling well)
Saturday: weights and walking
Sunday: spinning

So far this week I’ve done weights yesterday and I think I may take today off.  (I’m not 100% sure yet, but a walk could be in the cards.)  Saturday, when doing squats, I kind of tweaked my right knee.  It feels a bit tender still today, so I might take today off for precautionary measures and get a gentle walk in.  Or I might get motivated and head off to spinning.  It all depends on how much I get done around here today (I have some work and some phone calls to make) and how motivated I’m feeling at 4:30.


How did your workouts go last week?

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