Quick life update

I’ve been so busy/stressed/not in a writing mood lately.  Today was a rainy, chilly (already!) day here in Glasgow, and I am taking it easy.  I am hoping that my mood will improve soon.

-I’ve been getting my workouts in, but since I hurt my knee, I feel like they’ve been so unchallenging.  Hence, the reason why I did the Athena challenge on Fitocracy yesterday.  I needed to feel like I was progressing in some way.

-I haven’t been spinning in a week.  Most of my cardio has been walking.  I was going to go tonight but between my head and my knee there was no way it was happening.

-This weekend I am volunteering at the Great Scottish Run.  I am hoping to get to spinning one or both days, but if I end up walking home or walking in general, I am ok with that, especially since I will have to get up WAY earlier than I am used to.

-This week at the weigh in at the gym (for the contest thingy) I apparently lost 3kg.  I honestly think there is something wrong with their scale!

-I need to get to bed early tonight. I have to be up around 7am tomorrow!  I’m hoping for no rain while I’m volunteering this weekend!


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