Clearly I live under a rock

As part of the September blogging writing challenge, I will be writing posts each day based on a topic given (just like last month)!

Today’s topic is to share your thoughts and feelings about Lance Armstrong’s lifetime ban and loss of titles.

I clearly didn’t know this happened, since I must live under a rock; really the only sport I follow is the Boston Red Sox.  (Please don’t talk to me about this season kthanx.)  (Yes, I did watch the Olympics, but that is different IMO.)

(Why couldn’t this topic be about last night’s Doctor Who?  I could make an informed opinion on that!)

::much googling later::

-Lance himself dropped the fight.  He could be guilty.  He could be sick of the whole ordeal. IDK.
-Ok.  So he’s been banned, but he already RETIRED.  That seems a bit of overkill, IMO.
-All of his tests were negative. (Not that that necessarily means anything; the more you have to gain, the higher quality stuff you could be using, etc: see House episode Sports Medicine.)
-People “saw” him doping.  Gee where have I heard that before?

I don’t really know what to say.  What I do know is that he beat cancer and has raised millions for cancer research.  That, to me, is far more important than winning, but I’m not a medal winning athlete.  From what I’ve read it seems that no matter what he said or did at this point, it was not going to change the minds of the USADA.  People are going to say he gave up because he cheated, whether or not it was actually the case.  He could have just had had enough of this and wanted to put it behind him.  It doesn’t seem like anyone wins in this case.

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