Not the best of weeks

I wasn’t going to post about my no good, terrible week.  But I’ve given it some thought, and I figured it’s my blog and my life so why not?

-I’ve been to uni 3 times this week trying to register to get my financial aid and register for the classes I didn’t know I needed to take (more on that in a moment).  No one can seem to figure out why I can’t do anything on the system.  I was told my account wasn’t rolled over, I was told it was b/c of a hold, I was told it was because, well they didn’t know.  And I still don’t know.  This is stressing me the F out considering I NEED my loan money.

-I never got an email about registration.  I never got any emails telling me about the classes I need to take as a “new” Ph.D student (even though I am technically not new, but since I started January, I am new since I didn’t do all of this last year).  I was planning to get started on my research, but now it looks like I will be doing that AND several classes simultaneously.

-My advisor is on holiday.  😐

-This week was the last week of the biggest loser challenge at the gym.  I lost weight.  I lost inches.  I lost less than a full % point of body fat.  Really?  Really?  This really, really upset me.  17 inches lost over a month and all I hardly lose any body fat at all?  Way to make me feel like shit.  I know I shouldn’t be discouraged, but I am.

-Our washing machine has been broken for a week.  The repairman came out today, but a part needs to be replaced, so who knows how long that will take to happen.  Handwashing my clothes in the tub is so passe.

-My knee still hurts.  I need to go to the physio walk-in, but I also need to be in class at the same time.  I need one of those time thingys that Hermione had in Harry Potter.

-I got a text from my sister today that my dad is in the hospital.  He’s fine, it’s just precautionary, but still, I worry.


How was your week?  I hope it was better than mine!

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