Fabulous blogs you should be reading

As part of the September blogging writing challenge, I will be writing posts each day based on a topic given (just like last month)!

Today’s Yesterday’s post is about the best blogs you read.  If I had a little more time, and wasn’t so behind/busy/stressed, I would take the time to link and write them up.  However, all of my favourites are in my blogroll on the main page of neophyegirl.com.  I promise to try to come back to this post and write up something more prolific!  🙂
Ok, here are 3 of my favourite blogs, picked at random.  Forgive my subpar descriptions.  I am really, really sleep deprived.
Healthy Tipping Point– I love Caitlin and her writing.  She is full of energy, even while sleep deprived as she is a new mom.  She always has a positive outlook on everything, is dedicated to staying healthy, and you can always find her dogs as part of the action!
Carrots ‘N’ Cake:  Tina is also an upbeat blogger.  She is so active in fitness and Crossfit; she is such an inspiration.  Her posts encourage me to work harder to do my best in the gym.  Her pug, Murphy, is adorable!
Fitness Cheerleader:  Janice’s blog has been a recent addition to my blogroll.  She has been the mastermind behind these blog topics, which has been a great help in improving my writing, and expanding my readership.  She is so dedicated to fitness; she gets her workouts done on her lunch break, which has helped me put getting my workout on in when I can in perspective.
What are some of your favourite blogs?

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