Why Steven Moffat should not come back to Twitter- but not for the reason you think

Why Steven Moffat should not come back to Twitter- but not for the reason you think-



Whether you agree or disagree with me or not, regarding my opinion on SM, I hope you believe that bullying and cyberbullying are universally wrong.  So many deaths have occurred over the past few years because of bullying and cyberbullying.  I know.  This is my research area.  I am extremely knowledgeable in this area.  Please don’t debate me on the facts.  I will give you example after example starting with Phoebe Prince.

Whether you agree with what SM writes as a writer, on Twitter, etc or not, sending him death threats is not an appropriate solution.  Whether you agree or disagree with people who defend his right to free speech, sending them death threats is not an appropriate solution.  Whether or not you like an actress who has been on one of his shows and is A TWELVE YEAR OLD GIRL, cyberbullying them is not an appropriate solution.  DEATH THREATS ARE NOT A SOLUTION NOR ARE THEY FUNNY!  While Twitter and other forms of social media are fun and allow information to be shared and fun times to be had for all, not everyone is allowed (it seems) to have this.  If I were constantly being harangued for doing my job, I’d hit the delete button too.

I don’t know the full story.  So why am I writing about it?  It’s because I think it is the right thing to do.  I may not have particularly loved the 11th Doctor era, but my opinions are not worth spreading hate across the world wide web.  If you don’t like the show, change the channel and move on.  I know this may be hard for people who have been fans of the show for their whole lives.  I understand that.  But in the end it is a TV show, and while enjoyable, there are other things in the world that are more important.  (I do not have a problem with respectful discussion and dialogue, like I’ve said before.  I’ve read a lot of well written opinions on “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship’s” ending that did not lead to defamation and death threats.  There should be no reason it can’t be kept that way.)

I did not read all of the tweets he ever sent.  And I can’t go back and do that now, as far as I know.  And perhaps he was rude or snarky to people who criticized him.  (I am not saying that reasonable constructive criticism is wrong.  I am FINE with respectful dialogue.) That doesn’t excuse behaviours like threats being thrown about like toys.

What I am saying is that cyber bullying and bullying is wrong.  Whether it’s toward a head writer of a television show, a fabulous actress and friend, or a twelve year old girl, it is wrong.

Now, I know I am not perfect, and I have definitely been on both sides of the coin.  So from this point on, I will no longer make snarky comments about people who cannot defend themselves.  I refuse to lower myself to their level because I am better than that and I know that it is wrong and bullying HURTS, (I’ve been there) whether you are a head writer, an actress, or a twelve year old girl.

You may find my opinion lacking in evidence or just plain wrong.  That’s fine.  I would hope that my opinion on the matter will be respected, however,  I have far too many other things going on in my life than to worry over whether or not people agree with me or disagree.  I’ve said what I have to say.

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  1. OldMaidWhovian
    13/09/2012 / 18:44

    As a five year long adult serial cyber-bully & Internet stalker victim, and, as a childhood bullying victim, I know very well the damage bullies do, both to children and adults. Steven Moffat is quite right to do what he needs to do to feel safe. I’ve lost most of my blogs–virtually my only outlet to the outside world for my voice, due to bullying & stalking…and you can’t get to be more of a nobody than I am. I cannot begin imagine how difficult it must be for famous people like Mr. Moffat!

    I genuinely believe that it’s a crime to humanity, that these emotionally retarded, seriously disturbed and intellectually insecure people prevent others from being able to freely express themselves on the Internet. It’s not right or just that people ranging from celebrites like Moffat, to people on benefits like me, have to put up with emotional abuse from mindless, drooling twits.

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